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Justin Bieber - The Key

4th September, 2014

Elevator was fortunate enough to run a national campaign for Elizabeth Arden's brand "Justin Bieber - The Key". The response which we experienced from the public was astounding. Being associated with the name "Justin Bieber" was a real pleasure, as the reaction from the consumers was one of excitement and intrigue. Elevator managed to do activations in 5 provinces in South Africa, as well as the country Namibia. On a weekly basis we would have in-store activations at various outlets and the objective was to raise awareness of the brand and to push sales.

Elizabeth Arden Campaign

4th September, 2014

Elizabeth Arden is a truly exciting client of ours which offers such great quality and diversity within all of their different premium products on offer. Our relationship has flourished and turned into one of trust, honesty and passion. We have had a magical journey with Elizabeth Arden thus far, having worked on plenty of national campaigns, namely, Nicky Minaj, Justin Bieber, Juicy Couture, True Love events, Skin Illuminating, Perfectly Nude Foundation, Beautiful Colour, White Diamonds, Untold, Visible Difference, Red Door experiences and the list goes on .

Pernod Ricard

2nd September, 2014

In the past year Elevator have been involved in many events and activations with a variety of brands for Pernod Ricard SA.  Among the ones that stood out was The Jameson First Shot Awards that occurred on 25 April 2013.  This incredibly classy and upscale event held to celebrate fresh, fearless film makers was made memorable by the Elevator ladies there to represent Jameson and all it stands for.  With these beauties roaming the room alongside the likes of Kevin Spacey, there was a definite poise added to this incredible event.

Gordons Gin Campaign

2nd September, 2014

Usually when I hear of “Gordon’s Dry Gin” my mind automatically reverts to an image of local political satire comic ‘Madam & Eve’s’ little older Mother Abigail Anderson with  “Gin & Tonic” in hand. I’ve always associated the drink to an older generation alcoholic beverage or alternatively a very good hangover cure. 

Picture this… Your exploring the incredible rural sub-Saharan plains of Africa in the sweltering African summer heat. The Marula tree’s are in full bloom and inhabit at least a dozen elephants at each tree.