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Toyota is by far one of the most anticipated stands at the Johannesburg International Motor Show and in the year 2013, it was not a let down. Toyota is known for creating the world's first mass produced gas/electric hybrid car... the Prius and to add to that impressive feat, Toyota sells more hybrids than all other manufacturers combined.

There are too many points to mention about the Toyota brand which clearly sets it aside from all other competitors in terms of quality, innovativeness and being economical. The reason for Toyota receiving so many global awards, is due to their constant research & development and attention to detail.

KFM - Moonstruck 2014

9th September, 2014

On Saturday the 15th February, 567 Cape Talk held their annual Valentines Day picnic/concert on Clifton 4th Beach.

The 25 Elevator staff were the “can do crew” on the day! Their duties involved helping people carry items to the beach and directing them in the right direction. When it got dark, they held torches for everyone to see where they were going. The staff worked extremely hard in 35 degree weather but always had a smile on their faces and were happy to help anyone in need! The staff thoroughly enjoyed the day and said they are looking forward to next year.

The event itself was a great success. Every part of the beach was occupied by families and couples that came to enjoy the evening. The band Dr. Victor and the Rastas provided much entertainment for everyone! The NSRI raised funds by selling glowsticks on the beach! What a success it was and what a beautiful picture when it was dark!

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Justin Bieber - The Key

4th September, 2014

Elevator was fortunate enough to run a national campaign for Elizabeth Arden's brand "Justin Bieber - The Key". The response which we experienced from the public was astounding. Being associated with the name "Justin Bieber" was a real pleasure, as the reaction from the consumers was one of excitement and intrigue. Elevator managed to do activations in 5 provinces in South Africa, as well as the country Namibia. On a weekly basis we would have in-store activations at various outlets and the objective was to raise awareness of the brand and to push sales.

Every couple of Saturdays, mostly on cold and rainy winter mornings, our promoters get up early and put on their Mutual and Federal t-shirts and hats then head down to support the school boy rugby.

Playboy SA Magazine has taken local newspapers, blogs and social media by storm, especially in Cape Town’s elite party circles. It is an amazing forum for South Africa to showcase the sexy bosom beauties that grace our local streets and the huge parties they host are definitely worth writing about. The most memorable Playboy SA event to date was the celebration of Playboy SA’s one-year birthday bash on the 26th April 2012. The event brought our gorgeous Elevatormotional staff to Cape Town’s uber chic nightclub Trinity where our influential client Patron was once again part of the Playboy SA hype.

Gary Richard Bailey is a former footballer who made nearly 300 appearances in the Football League playing as a goalkeeper for Manchester United. He was capped twice for England.

Jameson First Shot – Easily one of the most exclusive events in South Africa, boasting an impressive array of star studded guests and the one and only Kevin Spacey.

Kevin Spacey has featured in some of the most phenomenal Hollywood blockbusters to hit the scene including, Seven, The Usual Suspects, American Beauty and plenty more. Kevin has since taken an interest in South Africa and the Premium brand Jameson, and together they have created a platform for all inspiring film makers.

This year saw Hanneke Schutte winning with the short film Saving Norman, held at Shine Studios in Johannesburg.

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So our client, Sir Juice for being impressed by the representation that we have provided for them at the numerous in-store promotions in Checkers, Spar and Pick n Pay decided for the FIRST TIME to let us man their stand at the Good Food and Wine Show. They had never used or trusted any of their direct communication (customer interaction) to person’s outside the company before.