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Sir Juice, for the first time, had trusted someone from outside the company to handle their direct communication at the Good Food and Wine show. This was an achievement for us at Elevator as it confirmed that we had been doing a great job on their in-store promotional campaign thus far. Sir Juice is a brand we are incredibly proud to represent and having the opportunity to man their stand was exciting not only for us but for our promoters as well.

KFM - Moonstruck 2014

9th September, 2014

On Saturday the 15th February, 567 Cape Talk held their annual Valentines Day picnic/concert on Clifton 4th Beach.

The 25 Elevator staff were the “can do crew” on the day! Their duties involved helping people carry items to the beach and directing them in the right direction. When it got dark, they held torches for everyone to see where they were going. The staff worked extremely hard in 35 degree weather but always had a smile on their faces and were happy to help anyone in need! The staff thoroughly enjoyed the day and said they are looking forward to next year.

The event itself was a great success. Every part of the beach was occupied by families and couples that came to enjoy the evening. The band Dr. Victor and the Rastas provided much entertainment for everyone! The NSRI raised funds by selling glowsticks on the beach! What a success it was and what a beautiful picture when it was dark!

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Elizabeth Arden Campaign

4th September, 2014

Elizabeth Arden is a truly exciting client of ours which offers such great quality and diversity within all of their different premium products on offer. Our relationship has flourished and turned into one of trust, honesty and passion. We have had a magical journey with Elizabeth Arden thus far, having worked on plenty of national campaigns, namely, Nicky Minaj, Justin Bieber, Juicy Couture, True Love events, Skin Illuminating, Perfectly Nude Foundation, Beautiful Colour, White Diamonds, Untold, Visible Difference, Red Door experiences and the list goes on .

Every couple of Saturdays, mostly on cold and rainy winter mornings, our promoters get up early and put on their Mutual and Federal t-shirts and hats then head down to support the school boy rugby.