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Elevator Marketing Communication is a very progressive brand with its main focus being below the line. The driving force behind most of the innovation within Elevator is most definitely Trevor Bernberg, he has been instrumental in the constant research & development of our brand.

Giving thought to the evolution and growth of the Elevator brand is part of the reason why Trevor has achieved great results within the industry.

As they say, "a leader becomes exceptional by design, not by accident. They are like master craftsmen, continually shaping and polishing their characters and personalities so that they evolve and grow into someone important and worthwhile". Our mastermind is one that is humble and prefers to put his team first, before he reaps rewards... we commend you!

Trevor Bernberg often finds himself out and about amongst our industry's thought leaders and trend setters, not by choice, but by lifestyle. 




Mainstay 54 - Yacht Party

9th September, 2014

It was another lovely sunny day in the Mother City, the guests arrived at the Waterfront in the luxurious Raddison Blu hotel cars. We then met with them and walked them to the Tigger 2 yacht, docked in the bay with all its beauty and class. We boarded the yacht and the guests were handed mainstay cocktails by our promotional models. We took a couple of photographs and off we went on our cruise. The boat took us to Clifton were we docked. They all spent a lot of time downstairs at the bar having drinks. The crew on the boat served lunch while we were docked at Clifton (a typically South African braai with salads). The yacht then took us back to the waterfront. The vibe on the boat was one only a Mainstay party could create, flowing drinks and good music was the order of the day. After docking back at the Waterfront the guests were escorted to the mall where they had a dream shopping spree.

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KFM - Moonstruck 2014

9th September, 2014

On Saturday the 15th February, 567 Cape Talk held their annual Valentines Day picnic/concert on Clifton 4th Beach.

The 25 Elevator staff were the “can do crew” on the day! Their duties involved helping people carry items to the beach and directing them in the right direction. When it got dark, they held torches for everyone to see where they were going. The staff worked extremely hard in 35 degree weather but always had a smile on their faces and were happy to help anyone in need! The staff thoroughly enjoyed the day and said they are looking forward to next year.

The event itself was a great success. Every part of the beach was occupied by families and couples that came to enjoy the evening. The band Dr. Victor and the Rastas provided much entertainment for everyone! The NSRI raised funds by selling glowsticks on the beach! What a success it was and what a beautiful picture when it was dark!

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Elevator together with Elizabeth Arden brought the smell of summer to The Grand through the Juicy Couture Perfume range. Our beautiful promotional models together with the custom made pink branded tricycle shared the spirit of Juicy Couture with the guests.

The first 40 women received gorgeous white roses, while all women walking through the doors received pretty pink ribbons with their choice of Juicy Fragrance spritzed on it.

We were joined by a videographer and photographer who captured special moments with consumers and took stunning pictures with the girls and the products.

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Sir Juice, for the first time, had trusted someone from outside the company to handle their direct communication at the Good Food and Wine show. This was an achievement for us at Elevator as it confirmed that we had been doing a great job on their in-store promotional campaign thus far. Sir Juice is a brand we are incredibly proud to represent and having the opportunity to man their stand was exciting not only for us but for our promoters as well.

Elizabeth Arden Campaign

4th September, 2014

Elizabeth Arden is a truly exciting client of ours which offers such great quality and diversity within all of their different premium products on offer. Our relationship has flourished and turned into one of trust, honesty and passion. We have had a magical journey with Elizabeth Arden thus far, having worked on plenty of national campaigns, namely, Nicky Minaj, Justin Bieber, Juicy Couture, True Love events, Skin Illuminating, Perfectly Nude Foundation, Beautiful Colour, White Diamonds, Untold, Visible Difference, Red Door experiences and the list goes on .

Justin Bieber - The Key

4th September, 2014

Elevator was fortunate enough to run a national campaign for Elizabeth Arden's brand "Justin Bieber - The Key". The response which we experienced from the public was astounding. Being associated with the name "Justin Bieber" was a real pleasure, as the reaction from the consumers was one of excitement and intrigue. Elevator managed to do activations in 5 provinces in South Africa, as well as the country Namibia. On a weekly basis we would have in-store activations at various outlets and the objective was to raise awareness of the brand and to push sales.

ABSA - Design Indaba 2013

2nd September, 2014

The Democratic Republic of Design (DRD), for Absa the Design Indaba 2013 was nothing less than a superb and fascinating way to connect all the aspects of the annual Design Indaba together. From the guest speakers, to the listeners – everyone was able to take part due to the Indaba's interactive format. Held at the CTICC, ABSA, being a headline sponsor invented an ingenious Ipad application, which credited participators in the event with a virtual currency, which increased with every tweet, Facebook post and “like” that they received when mentioning the DRD on any of the social networks. By mentioning the DRD, participators earned virtual currency that allowed them to purchase one of the amazing gifts on offer at the Indaba.  This was a reward for spreading the ‘virtual DRD love’.

Week 6 of the FNB Varsity Cup has seen Maties continue their dominance of this year's cup.  They have now played six matches and are still unbeaten in the tournament with their Monday night win against Wits, 48 - 21.  Cell C Ambassadors were in full force, encouraging the crowds to be involved in proceedings and of course, giving the brand a punt where applicable.

Cell C Community Cup 2013

2nd September, 2014

The pool stages of the Cell C Community Cup will reach a nail-biting climax across the country on Saturday, with four places in the Easter Championships in George still up for grabs and a multitude of permutations meaning as many as 10 teams could still qualify.

Cell C Promotional Girls were all over the games, creating the 'gees' and of course providing customers an option to port to Cell C and receive ridiculous call rates of 99 cents a minute. Just one of Cell C's current offerings... Have you changed to the leading South African network yet? 

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