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Why Elevator?

8th March, 2016

If you are organising a launch or other corporate event you will likely have discovered how difficult it is to find competent and experienced staff to help run things. We are talking everyone from organisational personnel to hostesses, each of whom need to bring to the table a particular skill set and attitude. At Elevator we have a reputation as a leading player in the marketing, branding and staffing world in South Africa, and our reach has grown from origins in the Western Cape to cover most of the country.

What can we do for you? In terms of staffing nobody can help you better then we can; Elevator can provide professional, highly skilled waiting staff, hostesses and other promotional personnel who will ensure that your event runs seamlessly and smoothly, and who you will find are offered to you at sensible rates. We take great care to ensure all of our available personnel are to our satisfaction – and that means of the very best quality – and our many satisfied clients so far are a testament to our ability to fulfil your requirements without hesitation.

Elevator is proud of a reputation for excellent service, and we offer solutions in all areas of branding and marketing, and we are more than happy to talk to you about any specific requirements you may have. Whether you are launching a new product or need help with product activations we can help, and we remain confident you will be impressed with our level of service and ability. For more information on what Elevator can do to help you have a closer look at our website, and feel free to get in touch with us and one of our friendly, professional team will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have.


Elevator is a BTL agency that strives to transform and transcend the current marketing realm, however, we also continually strive to transcend our own capabilities and the environment in which we work in. What we have learnt, after numerous years in the industry, is that embracing change is what will give you power; creating change is what gives you the advantage.
With that being said, we fused our creative juices together, equipped ourselves with the necessary tools and began splashing the wall with some love. As with everything that we do, we worked quickly, efficiently but most importantly - effectively. 

Elevator got involved with the Small Business Growth Conference in 2013 to share our views on the industry and to see how we could enhance brands on a marketing front.

As a brand, Elevator has evolved over the years to become a below the line agency, which strives to remain trendy and unique in their offering. With a national footprint we were able to communicate to our consumers that we are quite comfortable to accommodate them with national campaigns involving production of elements, staffing and in some cases an event which marries all of these offerings.

Our main focus was to gain consumer insight and to learn how we could further differentiate ourselves from our competitors.


Elevator Marketing Communication is a very progressive brand with its main focus being below the line. The driving force behind most of the innovation within Elevator is most definitely Trevor Bernberg, he has been instrumental in the constant research & development of our brand.

Giving thought to the evolution and growth of the Elevator brand is part of the reason why Trevor has achieved great results within the industry.

As they say, "a leader becomes exceptional by design, not by accident. They are like master craftsmen, continually shaping and polishing their characters and personalities so that they evolve and grow into someone important and worthwhile". Our mastermind is one that is humble and prefers to put his team first, before he reaps rewards... we commend you!

Trevor Bernberg often finds himself out and about amongst our industry's thought leaders and trend setters, not by choice, but by lifestyle. 




ABSA - Design Indaba 2013

2nd September, 2014

The Democratic Republic of Design (DRD), for Absa the Design Indaba 2013 was nothing less than a superb and fascinating way to connect all the aspects of the annual Design Indaba together. From the guest speakers, to the listeners – everyone was able to take part due to the Indaba's interactive format. Held at the CTICC, ABSA, being a headline sponsor invented an ingenious Ipad application, which credited participators in the event with a virtual currency, which increased with every tweet, Facebook post and “like” that they received when mentioning the DRD on any of the social networks. By mentioning the DRD, participators earned virtual currency that allowed them to purchase one of the amazing gifts on offer at the Indaba.  This was a reward for spreading the ‘virtual DRD love’.