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FNB Whisky Live Showroom - Cape Town 2014

31st August, 2014
The FNB Whisky Live Showroom 2014, was held at the Southern Sun Cape Sun Hotel in Strand street, Cape Town from the 19th June - 21st June 2014.
This was a much more intimate, hand-crafted show which enables brands to bring beautiful whiskies presented by whisk(e)y experts designed to showcase the whisk(e)y at its best. A platform for whisk(e)y brands from as close as Wellington in the Cape and as far afield as Taiwan, Keepers of the Quaich, whisk(e)y experts and those in the know will be ready to engage with discerning whisk(e)y lovers who attended these events knowing that they will leave with more whisk(e)y knowledge than they arrived with. Think premium whiskies, bespoke mini-tastings, whisk(e)y stories and an evening of sophistication… The FNB Whisky Live Showroom! 
Our client, Pernod Ricard asked for us to supply them with our gorgeous, intelligent and whisky trained staff to help them in presenting their brand hand-in-hand with their Whisk(e)y Experts.
We were more than happy to oblige... And with that, a successful event it was indeed.
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