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Kopparberg - National Campaign

15th September, 2014

October 2013 marked the start of a beautiful partnership between Elevator and Kopparberg SA. Since then Kopparberg’s brand awareness and sales have grown exponentially by means of social media and direct communication marketing done through Elevator.

Elevator has been fortunate enough to run an ongoing national campaign for Kopparberg across 5 provinces on a weekly basis. We do numerous on-trade (restaurants, bars & markets) and off-trade (bottle stores) activations at various outlets with the objective being to raise awareness of the brand and to push sales. By using both male and female brand ambassadors of the highest quality we have managed to accomplish what we had set out to achieve. As a partnership Elevatorvides Kopparberg SA with the highest level of trust and reliability.

About Kopparberg:

Kopparberg Premium Cider is a refreshing alcoholic drink (4.5% ABV) traditionally made from the fermentation of apples or pears. The key ingredient to all Kopparberg ciders is the unique soft water sources found only in the town of Kopparberg, Sweden. Soft water is used because it has a low mineral content allowing the natural pure taste of the fruit to come through unaltered. The Cider is best enjoyed over mountains of ice in a large glass with a wedge of lime. At present Kopparberg can be found in more than 30 countries and is the world’s best-selling pear cider. In South Africa Kopparberg can be purchased at all Makro stores and select Top stores nationwide. Come October it will be available in most Pick n Pay stores too.

In South Africa we have two Premium Kopparberg variants namely, Strawberry & Lime and the Original Pear Cider. Both flavours are incredible but my favourite has to be the Strawberry & Lime cider because not only can you drink it on its own but you can also consume it in a cocktail. Below is a delicious thirst quenching cocktail for you to try out.

Strawberry Kopparberg Mojito Recipe:



4 fresh strawberries, de-stemmed (hulled) and cut into small pieces

1 lime, cut into quarters

8 mint leaves

1 barspoon/tablespoon granulated sugar (or 25ml gomme)

50ml (2 tots) of Bacardi Superior Rum

crushed ice

50ml Kopparberg Strawberry & lime


1) Fill the cocktail shaker with the strawberries, lime, mint and sugar/gomme.

2) Use a muddler or blunt kitchen utensil to mash the ingredients together.

3) Fill the shaker with crushed ice, directly on top of mashed fruit and mint pieces.

4) Add the rum. You should see the liquid rise almost to the surface of the ice.

5) Cover the shaker and shake well.

6) Pour into a tall (500ml) glass.

7) Top off with Kopparberg Strawberry & lime and more crushed ice so that the glass if full to the brim.

8) Garnish with a fresh strawberry (stem still intact) on the rim of the glass.