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Introducing the Mutual & Federal Wire Loop

14th September, 2014

Elevator's production department was given an exciting brief by our client Matchworld to come up with an element which could be used to entertain children during school rugby matches at the Mutual & Federal stand.

We gathered all the troops and sat down and discussed what the best options would be, and how we could keep the brand top of mind. After numerous creative ideas, we finally found that we just had to follow our roots and think back to those fond childhood memories which we all experienced, which led us to the creation of the Mutual & Federal Wire Loop.


Not only did this Wire Loop create endless amounts of entertainment, but it also rewarded those who were willing to work hard at completing the game, rather than instant gratification... much like the personality of the brand. One should also remember that Mutual & Federal's core values include accountability, which is "being prepared to make commitments and be judged against them" and passion, which is "giving the best and being dependable in exceeding goals successfully". 

We believe that the Mutual & Federal Wire Loop adds values to the brand as it reminds us that we are always striving to push the boundaries and being a honest player leads to the integrity which Mutual & Federal aims for.

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