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Toyota - Johannesburg International Motor Show 2013

11th September, 2014

Toyota is by far one of the most anticipated stands at the Johannesburg International Motor Show and in the year 2013, it was not a let down. Toyota is known for creating the world's first mass produced gas/electric hybrid car... the Prius and to add to that impressive feat, Toyota sells more hybrids than all other manufacturers combined.

There are too many points to mention about the Toyota brand which clearly sets it aside from all other competitors in terms of quality, innovativeness and being economical. The reason for Toyota receiving so many global awards, is due to their constant research & development and attention to detail.


Elevator is fortunate enough to have been involved with Toyota for the second consecutive Johannesburg International Motor Show. We have built a long standing relationship with Toyota and we believe that our dedication to this brand has led to them entrusting us with dealing directly with their consumers through our well informed promotional models.

Once again our promoters went through an extensive screening process, followed by an elaborate training. This brand is one that you become attached to very easily and our promotional models were very proud to say that they had an impact on the success of the Toyota stand.

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