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Sir Juice - Good Food and Wine Show 2014

9th September, 2014

Sir Juice, for the first time, had trusted someone from outside the company to handle their direct communication at the Good Food and Wine show. This was an achievement for us at Elevator as it confirmed that we had been doing a great job on their in-store promotional campaign thus far. Sir Juice is a brand we are incredibly proud to represent and having the opportunity to man their stand was exciting not only for us but for our promoters as well.

Our promoters were eager to start the event, providing brand knowledge of a product they know so well, informing consumers of the wide range of flavours and their ingredients. Our promoters, bubbly, professional  and well trained ensured that almost everyone who visited the stand had a wonderful experience and made a purchase of juice.

It was a great pleasure to have represented Sir Juice at the Good Food and Wine show 2014!

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