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Justin Bieber - The Key

4th September, 2014

Elevator was fortunate enough to run a national campaign for Elizabeth Arden's brand "Justin Bieber - The Key". The response which we experienced from the public was astounding. Being associated with the name "Justin Bieber" was a real pleasure, as the reaction from the consumers was one of excitement and intrigue. Elevator managed to do activations in 5 provinces in South Africa, as well as the country Namibia. On a weekly basis we would have in-store activations at various outlets and the objective was to raise awareness of the brand and to push sales.

By using male brand ambassadors of the highest level in terms of looks, personality and being sales driven, we managed to accomplish what we had set out to achieve. This was a great campaign which ending on a high, with us being present at the Hunger Games 2 premiere to reward all the consumers who purchased The Key fragrance with purple popcorn, slush puppies and double tickets. We cannot wait to begin our next exciting campaign with Elizabeth Arden.

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