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Elizabeth Arden Campaign

4th September, 2014

Elizabeth Arden is a truly exciting client of ours which offers such great quality and diversity within all of their different premium products on offer. Our relationship has flourished and turned into one of trust, honesty and passion. We have had a magical journey with Elizabeth Arden thus far, having worked on plenty of national campaigns, namely, Nicky Minaj, Justin Bieber, Juicy Couture, True Love events, Skin Illuminating, Perfectly Nude Foundation, Beautiful Colour, White Diamonds, Untold, Visible Difference, Red Door experiences and the list goes on .

Working so closely with with this client on the various campaigns, has given us a new found respect for the industry, which is highly competitive. We have realised what an integral role we play and we are constantly striving to go over and above what is expected of us. After all, this is one of the most globally recognised brands and we are proud to be a part of their success. Our dedicated national team of experienced promotional models have managed to form part of something which is bigger than they ever could have realised, a brand which is driven by creating a long lasting impression for each and every one of their consumers, as "to be beautiful is the birth right of every woman" . We often find our production team being tasked to produce some phenomenal elements for Elizabeth Arden and as a team our common goal is to keep our client as a leader in the industry and to produce the highest level of service in every facet of our business. Elizabeth Arden is an amazing client and we are privileged be involved, to think Miss Arden created both an empire and a new industry. Her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation, quality and excellence remain the soul of the company today."

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