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Engen - Revlife 2013 Killarney Race Track

2nd September, 2014

Waking up at 3am to be at an event at 4:30am is definitely not ideal and  Making sure all 8 promoters are on time for the 4:30am call time required a little bit of pre-prep, but in the end it was all worth it. The Engen RevLife 2013 was a great success. 

The promoters were on call all weekend due to bad weather forecast for the original event day and possibly postponing the event till the Sunday. They worked the long shift (5am till 6pm) with smiles on their faces.

The morning of the event was cold but luckily Engen had supplied us with warm jackets to keep the wind for freezing us to death. The promoter’s job was to hand out Engen merchandise to consumers attending the motor racing event held at the Killary Racecourse in Cape Town. During lunch, they helped to host the Good Hope FM VIP box where they handed out the goodie bags to the VIPs that they had packed. They were vibrant and fun, and kept up the vibe in the VIP box by interacting with the consumers and making sure everyone was having a great time.

The client was so impressed with the Elevator staff that he sent an email on the Monday commending the staff on their hard work and enthusiasm!

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