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Mutual & Federal - Inter Schools Rugby

2nd September, 2014

Every couple of Saturdays, mostly on cold and rainy winter mornings, our promoters get up early and put on their Mutual and Federal t-shirts and hats then head down to support the school boy rugby.

Our promoters man the kiddie’s area under a green M&F gazebo. The kiddies area consists of wire loops that the kids can attempt to conquer in exchange for a green fizz pop. (What better way to entice the children to play than a lollipop!) The kiddies area also has a face painter that can paint the children’s faces with the colors of the school that they are supporting… for some little girls a flower or a butterfly is a much better option!

We also have promoters handing out M&F t-shirts to some of the supporters at the game and then we have promoters collecting leads on iPods.

The promoters enjoy being at these activations as the vibe and the atmosphere is always incredible, the promoters also enjoy working together in a big group. The children love the play area and the parents enjoy having a free moment to enjoy their coffees.

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