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Gordons Gin Campaign

2nd September, 2014

Usually when I hear of “Gordon’s Dry Gin” my mind automatically reverts to an image of local political satire comic ‘Madam & Eve’s’ little older Mother Abigail Anderson with  “Gin & Tonic” in hand. I’ve always associated the drink to an older generation alcoholic beverage or alternatively a very good hangover cure. 

 However, now that our Elevatormotional team and Gordon’s Dry Gin have teamed up together, this is no longer the case.

Elevator have formed a National team of Gordon’s Dry Gin Ambassadors that are bringing a whole new fresh, funky, new age concept to an age old drink.  We have discovered that not only is Gordon’s Dry Gin made up of healthy and delicious Juniper berries found in the Tuscan region of Italy, we’ve also impressively found that it tastes great with just about everything! We have, with the help of some very talented bartenders, created some incredible cocktails for those warm summer nights when nothing but a Gordon’s will do..

Our stunning Elevatormotional staff have graced many a Gordon’s sponsored event over the past 12 months and are most definitely putting the “cool” back into Gordon’s Dry Gin and showing the  X and Y generation how to drink in style!

“Gordon’s Dry Gin – Something Very Special” cocktail recipe

Glass : Highball

Garnish : Cucumber fan

Ingredients :

25ml Gordon’s Dry Gin, 18.5ml Pimms, 6.5ml Apricot Brandy, 75ml cloudy apple juice, Lemonade, few cucumber cubes.

Method :

Muddle cucumber, add all ingredients (except Lemonade). Shake and strain , top with Lemonade.

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