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Amarula at The Good Food and Wine Show 2012

2nd September, 2014

Picture this… Your exploring the incredible rural sub-Saharan plains of Africa in the sweltering African summer heat. The Marula tree’s are in full bloom and inhabit at least a dozen elephants at each tree.

You’re fascinated by these up to 18m tall trees as you’ve heard the tale of the Hare who acted kindly towards the Elephant during the year of the drought, and was rewarded with a tusk. When the Hare planted the tusk in his garden, it grew into a beautiful fruit-bearing tree, which he could enjoy in time of famine. The elephant has since sought out his tusk by devouring hundreds of kilograms of Marula fruit during the summer season.

Through the setting sun, you see it – accompanied by the distant sound of African drum beats and the beautiful horizon of Marula tree’s … you head towards what seems to be a lavish jungle setting – As you make your way closer, three Amazon goddesses welcome you into the relaxation area where you make yourself comfortable on soft enveloping couches. Four more goddess' offer you a tasting of what they call Amarula – an alcoholic cream. You taste wood spice characters of vanilla and toast and are amazed at its rich and velvet smooth consistency.

But wait.. What’s that shaking sound you ask? The Amazonian goddesses show you around the corner to where two flair bartenders are mixing, shaking and stirring up some incredible Amarula cocktails, all whilst flinging bottles, shakers, ice and Amarula into the air and catching with ease – creating magical African cocktails to the likes of “Dusky Decadence, Dom Pedro’s and Golden Glow”

As you sip your freshly made Amarula cocktail, a gold flash catches your eye and your drawn to framed certificate which states “Gold Award for best stand”

Oh that’s right.. You are back to reality.. You are at the Good Food and Wine Show 2012 showcased at the CTICC and happen to be sitting at the winning Amarula stand for “stylish design, conceptualisation, interactive elements of the stand, enthusiasm of the staff, superlative services and the finest attention to detail”.

As you are escorted back to the relaxation area by Elevator’s promotional models and nestle into the couch.. Isn’t it amazing when dreams become a reality… time for another Amarula!!!!

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