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Promotional Staff (Cape Town|Johannesburg|Pretoria|Durban|Bloemfontein)

We have grown our reputation through the procurement of high quality and well-trained brand ambassadors. We focus on providing brands a national reach to achieve any of the following (or a combination of):

  • ROI through sales
  • Research
  • Exposure



We have developed a unique online database management system, This cloud-based software allows for closer management of brand ambassadors through performance evaluation and appraisal. Ambassadors that complete a screening process and general training are given a Facebook-style profile offering them the opportunity to view available jobs, see work history and update their profiles for client perusal.

The Elevator Sales Application (Developed in 2013) has drastically revolutionised the activations industry. This all-in-one application provides the following value to our clients:

  • Real-time competition between sales agents (Increasing Sales and therefore ROI)
  • Consumer Insight (Who is your consumer and why would they purchase a competitor product if not yours?)
  • Quality feedback and insight that can be viewed real-time (Sit on your couch on a Saturday morning and watch your sales tick)



Promotional Manager:

This is a high level promotional person, who needs to have worked over 50 hours for Elevator on at least three of our premier brands.

Brand Ambassador:

Extensive training and sales skills are required to become a Brand Ambassador. These are extensions of any brand and walk, talk, eat and sleep a specific brand. We aim to match the specific look and feel of ambassadors to your brand.

To find out more about our Ambassador program, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Hostess/Promotional Personnel:

We provide personnel that are able to look the part and of course are able to play the part as well.

Our Hostess’ and promotional staff are of the highest quality and are the reason for the extensive growth in Elevator over the last five years.

Promotional Models:

Sometimes there is the need for pure beauty and we supply the most beautiful high-end promotional models to add that glamour element to any brand.


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