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Elevator is a full services Below The Line agency. The business is segmented into three distinct departments, these being: Staffing, Branding and Activations.

Our approach is always 'outside of the box' as we aim to break boundaries in the activations sphere. Each department pushes the other to create the highest level of work, while at the same time working hand-in-hand to produce consistency across the board (as well the country).

We will take an idea and make the dream reality!


The core competency of Elevator South Africa is undoubtedly the procurement of high quality and well-trained Brand Ambassadors.

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Every successful creative campaign requires a golden thread that links the concept and objective to the elements, uniforms and set design. We provide the golden thread (and thought) that brings this to reality.

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Any campaign starts with an idea. This idea leads to a concept. The concept is then broken down piece by piece. These pieces are allocated to the different departments at Elevator, whom work in conjunction to achieve the highest level of quality.

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